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Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc. is a global leader in compressed air systems and blower engineering. Kaeser is committed to helping industrial users increase compressed air system performance while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Because electricity makes up 70% of compressed air life cycle costs, Kaeser knows that getting more air for less energy can make a big impact on the bottom line. Kaeser specializes in individually evaluating each customer's compressed air application, and providing the most efficient and effective air system solution. Sales, service, preventative maintenance agreements, comprehensive air system analysis and consulting services are available.

PO Box 946
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

Telephone: 877-586-2691

Fax: 540-898-5520

General Email: info.usa@kaeser.com

Member Link (URL): us.kaeser.com

Product Lines:
Industrial rotary screw compressors and system components including: refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, filters, drains, master controls, flow controllers, and modular distribution piping. Portable/towable screw compressors. Rotary lobe blowers and blower packages.

Brand Names:
Kaeser, Kaeser Compressors, Mobilair™ portable compressors, Omega Blowers, CompaK Plus™ blower packages, Sigma Profile™ screw compressors, SmartPipe™ compressed air piping, Air Center™ compressor systems, Sigma Control 2™ compressor controller, Hybritec™ combination dryer

Michael Camber - Marketing Services Manager
E-mail Address: michael.camber@kaeser.com
Telephone: 540-684-9489

Wayne Perry - Senior Technical Director
E-mail Address: wayne.perry@kaeser.com
Telephone: 540-898-5500

Frank Mueller - President
E-mail Address: frank.mueller@kaeser.com
Telephone: 540-898-5500