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Lectrodryer designs, engineers and manufactures desiccant-type drying and purification systems for moisture and contaminant removal from process fluids. We specialize in custom designed, fully skid mounted systems to meet special requirements and specifications. Lectrodryer engineers are equipped to handle any adsorption process for your unique application.

Established in 1932, Lectrodryer has been setting the drying industry quality standard for years and has a strong reputation for supplying quality equipment. Lectrodryer offers a level of design flexibility, operating efficiency, and product quality that is unmatched by other drying systems.

135 Quality Drive
Richmond, KY 40475

Telephone: 859-624-2091

Fax: 859-623-2436

General Email: info@lectrodryer.com

Member Link (URL): www.lectrodryer.com

Product Lines:
Desiccant drying and purification equipment, refrigeration dryers, and air filters

Brand Names:

John McPhearson - CEO
E-mail Address: jmcphearson@lectrodryer.com
Telephone: 859-624-2091

Ted Warren - COO
E-mail Address: twarren@lectrodryer.com
Telephone: 859-624-2091

Blanca Ramirez - CMO
E-mail Address: bramirez@lectrodryer.com
Telephone: 859-624-2091