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Saylor Beall

Saylor-Beall Manufacturing Co

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Saylor-Beall is a US based manufacturer of industrial grade piston air compressors ranging from ½ to 30 horsepower. The plant has several modern CNC machining centers that make crankshafts, connecting rods, blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, valves, pistons, flywheels and many other miscellaneous parts used in air compressor pumps.

Saylor-Beall sells basic pumps for OEM applications and complete packages mounted with electric motors, gas or diesel engines. Systems may be mounted on horizontal or vertical tanks, simplex or duplex, or base mounted. Saylor-Beall also is a UL approved panel builder specializing in custom air compressor systems.

400 N Kibbee Street
St. Johns, MI, 48879

Telephone: 989-224-2371

Fax: 989-224-8788

General Email: sales@saylor-beall.com

Member Link (URL): www.saylor-beall.com

Product Lines:
Industrial grade air compressors, single and two stage

Brand Names:

Bruce McFee - President
E-mail Address: bmcfee@saylor-beall.com
Telephone: 989-224-2371

Debbie Kares - Vice President Manufacturing
E-mail Address: Debbie@saylor-beall.com
Telephone: 989-224-2371

Gene Oberlander - Inside Sales
E-mail Address: Gene@saylor-beall.com
Telephone: 989-224-2371