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Sullair, LLC

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An industry leader since 1965, Sullair uses its expertise to provide superior compressed air solutions. With manufacturing facilities on three continents and a worldwide distribution network, Sullair serves customers in every corner of the globe. Sullair's plants in the United States, China and Australia utilize ISO 9001 certified manufacturing systems to assure the highest quality standards. Dedicated training centers at all three sites offer hands-on compressor training in multiple languages.

3700 East Michigan Blvd
Michigan City, IN

Telephone: 219-879-5451

General Email: sullaircompressors@sullair.com

Member Link (URL): www.sullair.com

Product Lines:
Rotary screw flooded and oil-free air compressors, vacuum compressors, compressed air dryers and filters, compressed air controls and monitoring systems.

Brand Names:

John Randall, Vice President Global Engineering
E-mail Address: john.randall@sullair.com
Telephone: 219-861-5041

Brian Tylisz, Vice President Commercial and Industrial Sales
E-mail Address: brian.tylisz@sullair.com
Telephone: 291-861-5048

Susan Donovan, Channel Sr. Manager
E-mail Address: susan.donovan@sullair.com
Telephone: 219-861-5079