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Walker Filtration

Walker Filtration, Inc.

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Walker Filtration, Inc. is ISO9001:2015 accredited, along with its parent company, Walker Filtration, Ltd. based in the United Kingdom. Walker Filtration manufactures a wide range of industrial air and gas filtration and dehumidification technologies for compressed air filters, vacuum pump filtration, and medical sterile filters. The company's product portfolio also includes heatless desiccant compressed air dryers, one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement filter elements, and air compressor and vacuum pump air/oil separators. Walker Filtration continuously develops new technologies and processes, with products that are relied upon around the world within compressed air and gas, medical, vacuum and sterile applications.

4748 Pacific Avenue
Erie, PA 16506

Telephone: 814-836-2900

Fax: 814-836-7921

General Email: USA@walkerfiltration.com

Member Link (URL): www.walkerfiltration.com

Product Lines:
Compressed Air & Gas Filters including: Threaded, Flanged, Duplex, Dryer Dust, High Temperature, Stainless Steel High Pressure, Alloy High Pressure, Medical Sterile, and Breathable Compressed Air Filters. Our portfolio also includes Compressed Air Heaters & Filter Heaters, Pro SFD Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers, Vacuum Pump Protection Filters, Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters, Vacuum Pump Separators, Medical Vacuum Filters, Ammonia & Refrigerant Filters, Autoclave Filter Elements, Walker Filtration Original Filter Elements, Replacement Filter Elements, and Filter Product Accessories.

Brand Names:
Walker Filtration, Domnick microBAN, MICROBAN, MICRAFILTER, New Alpha Series- Filters and Elements, PRO XF Series Multi-banking threaded and Flanged Filters, PRO SFD - Heatless Desiccant Dryers, Laservac - Electro & Laser Surgery Smoke Evacuation Systems.

Richard P. Taylor
E-mail Address: Richard.Taylor@walkerfiltration.com
Telephone: 814-836-2900

Andrew Ferris
E-mail Address: Andrew.Ferris@walkerfiltration.com
Telephone: 814-836-2900

Simon Taylor
E-mail Address: Simon.Taylor@walkerfiltration.com
Telephone: 814-836-2900