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Other References

Still need additional resources? You've come to the right place. See below for additional reference materials to help you succeed with air power.

Guidelines for Selecting a Compressed Air Service Provider:
In selecting a service provider, a compressed air user should consider these guidelines.

Blower Selection Guide:
The CAGI Blower Section developed the CAGI Blower Selector Program provides characteristics and performance capabilities of various blower technologies available today. Blower types featured in this interactive on-line tool include Positive Displacement Lobe, Helical Screw, Single-Stage and Multistage Centrifugal, Regenerative, and Liquid Ring. User-friendly Air Flow Performance Maps for both pressure and vacuum conditions are featured for each blower type you have the ability to quickly determine the suitability of a specific blower type.

The following articles had been published as part of the CAGI Technical Article Program and are good reference tools on various topics on compressed air and air drying and filtration systems.