Below is a list of CAGI members and their product section affiliations.

CAGI Members

Membership Benefits

Development of Standards – Member companies can participate in the development of performance and safety standards. Members are informed of potential standards and are given an opportunity to influence standards, while non-members often struggle to stay informed of standards activity that could have a drastic impact on their businesses.

Participation in the Development of ISO Standards – CAGI serves as the chair of US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for air compressors and drying and filtration equipment. As the chair, CAGI and its members can learn about and influence international standards that affect CAGI scope products. Access to draft standards at early stages of development is a benefit that helps members adjust to potential changes before non-members.

Interaction with Government, Regulatory Bodies, and Related Organizations – Members can discuss proposals and projects that affect the industry with representatives from, for example, the Department of Energy, UL, EPA, etc. As energy efficiency efforts proliferate, CAGI helps its members stay up to date with initiatives that could harm, or help, their businesses. Institute interaction with utility and energy efficiency organizations such as CEE and the Alliance to Save Energy provides opportunities for greater understanding and cooperative activities.

Access to Industry Statistics – Member companies participate in statistical programs within their section. The statistical data provides member companies with a tool to benchmark their company against other member companies and to be able to evaluate market trends. This data is not available anywhere else.

Networking – There is no better place to learn about the latest industry developments than from peers in the industry. Exchanging views and information with competitors within CAGI is the best way to stay abreast of industry happenings.

Promotion – CAGI promotes the use of compressed air through a variety of initiatives, including online training, participation in industry tradeshows, and the publication of articles in leading trade magazines.

Technical Consultant – CAGI enlists the services of a longtime industry veteran to help monitor, influence, and direct technical and promotional activity that enhances the profile of CAGI and its members.

Other Member Resources:

  • Access to professional speaker presentations on pertinent topics such as branding, economy forecasts, labor law, legislative outlooks, etc. during the spring and fall meetings.
  • Access to legal topics of interest and legislative matters from CAGI’s legal counsel, who provides guidance to ensure strict compliance with antitrust laws.
  • Access to educational material to train employees and distributors at discount pricing.


Corporations, firms, and individuals actively engaged in the manufacture of air and gas compressors, pneumatic machinery, and compressed air and gas drying equipment, regardless of the location where such manufacture occurs shall be eligible for membership in this corporation provided that such corporations, firms, and individuals are actively engaged in their own name and with their own organizations (i.e., as distinct from agents and/or distributors) in the sale of such compressors and machinery in the open market within the United States. Provided, however, that, in the case of foreign corporations, firms and individuals:

  • they are actively and fully participating members of an Association or Institute in the country of their origin which has objectives substantially the same as those of this corporation; and
  • the country in which a company has their principal office or place of business does not discriminate, by means of tariff or non-tariff barriers, against air and gas compressors or pneumatic machinery made in other countries.
The term “actively engaged in the manufacture” shall be deemed to require that significant value be added in design and fabrication of machinery for sale by the firm, corporation, or individual offering it. For more information about joining CAGI, contact the CAGI office at 216-241-7333 or click here to Contact Us.