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Ozen Air Technology

Ozen Air Technology

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Ozen Air Technology has been one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air equipment in Europe for over 50 years. OZEN has a sales & service presence in 20 countries with over 100 distributors. OZEN manufactures reliable, robust & efficient compressed air products. OZEN offers a wide range of products from 4-315kW, and pressure ranges from 35 psi up to 5000. Tracking our customer's demands is a key role on our customer's business success and satisfaction. Our goal is to maintain our workforce to ensure sustainable development of its services and products while maintaining the highest level of quality.


4205 Golf Acres Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Telephone: 704-660-0334

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4kW-315kW, rotary screw compressor, many models available in 218 psi., 5kW-315kW rotary screw VFD compressor, 4kW-22kW tank mounted "ALL-IN-ONE" air compressor and dryer assembly, Rotary screw booster compressor 580 psi, Reciprocating booster compressor 580 psi, Reciprocating booster compressor 5000 psi, Full line of Compressed Air Treatment products

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Ozen Air Technology, ZenLube, ZenLube Troya, O-Sep


Ibrahim Ozen
E-mail Address:
Telephone: (704) 660-0334

Steve George - Sales and Service Manager
E-mail Address:
Telephone: (704) 705-6728