Foundations of Efficient
Compressed Air System Course


The e-learning course was developed by CAGI to provide an easy, efficient, and cost-effective method for sales and service professionals to learn the fundamentals of compressed air. The course consists of seven, updated modules that thoroughly cover the fundamentals of compressed air using informative narration supported by clear pictures, illustrations, and videos. Each module is subdivided into short, manageable chapters with chapter summaries at the end of each chapter.

A recall test at the end of each module will verify that the student understands the content. Depending on the current knowledge of the student, the modules can be completed within four to eight hours.

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What will students learn

After completing this course, students will know and understand:

  • The basic terminology and physics of compressed air, how compressors operate, and the function of the various systems operating within all types of compressors, both positive displacement and dynamic.
  • The function of capacity control in matching supply to demand.
  • The different types of air dryers, air filters, and condensate drains; their function, application and pros and cons.
  • How equipment layout, different distribution systems, and storage affect system reliability, efficiency, and productivity.
  • The importance of controlling waste in compressed air systems and how to achieve this control.
  • How correct equipment installation and proper maintenance improve system reliability, efficiency, and productivity.

What students receive after successful completion of modules

Students will be able to download a certificate of completion after completing and passing all seven modules. Students will have access to the course to use as a refresher or resource for a full year.