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As a service to its members and others interested in the industry, the Institute routinely publishes and maintains copies of publications of interest to the industry. Listed below are the titles of current publications available from the institute.

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The Compressed Air and Gas Handbook is the authoritative reference source for proper installation, use and maintenance of compressors and pneumatic devices. In over 900 pages, this hardbound, illustrated volume contains the latest and best engineering information from leading manufacturers.

ANSI/CAGI B19.1, Safety Standard for Compressor Systems (Supersedes ASME B19.1-1995). This Standard classifies and makes available general information on practices, specific requirements, and recommendations covering safety for air compressors, their drives, and auxiliaries. 2010

ANSI/CAGI B186.1, Safety Code for Portable Air Tools . This code promotes the safe design, and use of air tools by prescribing safety requirements to guard against injury to workers, by providing guidance to tool manufacturers, owners, employers, supervisors, and others concerned with, or responsible for, worker safety, and by assisting in the promulgation of appropriate safety directives and safety training programs. 2020 (2528)

CAGI / BL 100-2004 Mechanical Vibration - Evaluation of Machine Vibration by Measurements on Non Rotating Parts - Rotary Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Blowers. This standard defines the basis for specifying the rules to be employed in evaluating the mechanical vibration of machines in the operating range of 600 to 30,000 rpm in such a way that comparison is possible with similar measurements obtained from other like machines. 1st Ed., 2004 (3030)

CAGI/PNEUROP Acceptance Test Code for Electrically Driven Packaged Centrifugal Air Compressors. This code defines and describes acceptance tests for electrically driven packaged air compressors of standard types which are constructed to specifications determined by the manufacturer and which are sold against performance data published in the manufacturer's sales documentation. 1st ed., 2010 (3090)