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Watch our educational videos below to learn more about compressed air and gas.

About CAGI

This video is an overview of the Compressed Air & Gas Institute. The video provides information on CAGI's objectives and the various resources that are available through CAGI's web site, including information on CAGI's educational material, Performance Verification Program and its members.

Isentropic Efficiency Video

In an effort to eliminate the confusion created when trying to compare the specific power, which is an energy consumption metric, between two similar-sized compressors with slightly different rated discharge pressures, CAGI has introduced an efficiency rating value on its Compressor Data Sheets . . . Isentropic Efficiency. Isentropic efficiency incorporates operating pressure and greatly simplifies the process of comparing the efficiencies among several like-sized compressors each having slightly different full load operating pressures. For example, for the same horsepower compressors, one sheet may show 125 psi operating pressure and another may show 130 psig, so comparing isentropic helps equalize the comparison.

Performance Verification Program

This video is an overview of the CAGI Performance Verification Program, a voluntary program that verifies product performance that participating manufacturers publish on the standard CAGI data sheets.

Compressed Air...Industry's Fourth Utility

Compressed Air: Industry's Fourth Utility is an introductory look at compressed air systems. The video serves as an overall guide to compressed air systems and introduces topics that will be explored in greater detail in the other installments in the series. Viewers receive an overview of three important considerations in understanding and planning compressed air systems: air compression, air treatment, and distribution.

Principles of Air Compression

Principles of Air Compression is a 14-minute video that explains, in plain language, the theory and principles involved in the compression of air. It shows how both positive displacement and dynamic type compressors operate and introduces the audience to key terms as PSIG, SCFM, relative humidity and dew point. The video will provide a solid understanding of the basics of compressed air.

Performance Under Pressure

Performance Under Pressure is a fast-moving 16-minute color animated video explaining the role of compressed air and gas in a variety of applications from residential to industrial.

How to Select an Air Compressor

How to Select an Air Compressor Sponsored in part by the U. S. Department of Energy, the video provides excellent advice from industry experts and users about the process of selecting an air compressor, going beyond the compressor itself and encouraging buyers to look at their complete air systems. While price is an important consideration, purchasing a compressor on price alone could cost plenty. The number one expense in owning a compressor is the power cost involved in running one. This video discusses the total cost of a compressor and what must be considered before making the purchase decision. The video demonstrates that a thorough study of an air system may show that the buyer does not need another compressor but, rather, a more efficient system..

Air Treatment

Air Treatment provides an excellent overview of compressed air treatment. It introduces the viewer to the different ISO air quality classes and answers such questions as:

  • Why treat air?
  • Where do contaminants come from?
  • What are the negative consequences of contaminants in a compressed air system?
  • How much should air be treated?
  • What role does maintenance play in air system efficiency?