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Are You Eligible for CAGI Membership?

Corporations, firms and individuals actively engaged in the manufacture of air and gas compressors, pneumatic machinery and compressed air and gas drying equipment, regardless of the location where such manufacture occurs shall be eligible for membership in this association provided that such corporations, firms and individuals are:

(i) actively engaged in their own name and with their own organizations (i.e., as distinct from agents and/or distributors) in the sale of such compressors and machinery in the open market within the United States. Provided, however, that, in the case of foreign corporations, firms and individuals:

(i) they are active and fully participating members of an Association or Institute in the country of their origin which has objectives substantially the same as those of this corporation; and

(ii) the country in which they have their principal office or place of business does not discriminate, by means of tariff or non-tariff barriers, against air and gas compressors or pneumatic machinery made in other countries.

The term “actively engaged in the manufacture” shall be deemed to require that significant value be added by the firm, corporation or individual offering compressors and pneumatic machinery for sale.

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