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Compressed Air System Controls

An air system control unit is the quarterback of your compressed air system – calling the plays, spotting the dangers, and ensuring everybody knows what to do. A control unit will often be your first alert when there is a problem so you can contain and fix it before it gets out of control.

An air compressor system controller can open or close valves to alter the system's configuration. In order to maintain the water content, it can shut down or start up dryers through a system-integrated dew point monitor. This keeps the system operating evenly, eliminating pressure drops or spikes that could disrupt service.

Based on the size and number of components in your system, a good system control unit will ensure proper sequencing of the compressors, regulating the variable speed drive, and maximizing system efficiency and performance. Because the system is now automatically regulated, human intervention is rarely needed and can, in fact, adversely affect the overall performance of the compressed air network.

Based on the age of your compressed air system and its components, a compressed air system assessment by a trained compressor expert will ensure your system is functioning at maximum performance levels and provide you with the input you need to make an informed decision.

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