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Compressed Air System Parts and Service

If you stop to think about what a compressed air system does throughout its lifetime, it is amazing. These systems often work in challenging environments more than 8000 hours a year. If you drove a car for 8000 hours a year, the service costs would be staggering. The warranty would only last a couple of weeks!

When you think of it like this, why wouldn't you purchase the parts that are specifically designed for your equipment? Doing so will not only protect your equipment investment, but also result in more efficient, reliable operation.

We also know how critical regular maintenance is to the operating life of equipment. The unforeseen costs that can occur by not servicing equipment can really mount up; for example, a blocked oil filter could potentially cost up to $3,000 annually. This is where extended warranties and service agreements can be invaluable.

Many manufacturers offer extended warranties that are tied to maintaining the equipment at factory recommended levels and service intervals while using OEM parts and consumables. Your factory authorized service provider can usually recommend a variety of service and maintenance agreements to meet your needs and your budget. These programs help ensure that trained technicians are using only genuine OEM parts and consumables to optimize your equipment's performance. If something should go wrong, the technician or authorized service provider will ensure minimal downtime.

Good service is a must for running efficiently. In the end, most companies have found that service agreements and extended warranties are very cost effective. They can provide you with the peace of mind that your compressor system – the fourth utility in your operations – is operating as you need it, allowing you to focus on what you do best – making the quality products that built your company's reputation.

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