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Compressed Air System Heat Recovery

Although they have been around for quite some time, heat recovery options are still regarded as a "new" feature in terms of compressed air systems. Adding a heat recovery unit to a compressor can be compared to taking a flip phone and turning it into a smart phone. The functional features are still there, but now they have been enhanced to provide greater efficiency, cost savings, and benefits for the user.

If you use hot water, hot air, or steam in your plant, then a heat recovery unit would probably be to your advantage. You can recover >90% of the electrical input energy of the compressor in the form of hot water, so you essentially get twice what you paid for from the same amount of energy consumed.

Like variable speed drive technology, heat recovery systems have improved greatly over the years. In many cases, they are available as a retrofit package for a compressor you already have. The first step is to contact a trained compressor expert to perform a compressed air system assessment. The assessment will ensure that your current system is functioning as designed. Then, based on the age of your compressor and its components, the results of the assessment will give you the input you need to determine whether you can take advantage of the heat generated by the system.

Put the heat from your compressor system to work for you and investigate the benefits of a heat recovery system for your facility.

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