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Sizing a Compressed Air System

Do I choose something which fits my needs today or plan for something that will fit with my changing needs over the next few years? Whether it be buying a house, a car, or a compressed air system, it is fair to say that the considerations are the same, and there is no definitive rule on how to answer the question.

Ideally you want to think about it in the same way that you would approach changeable weather – adopt layers; depending on what is happening you have the ability to add some or take some away.

If you believe that your manufacturing activity could ramp up or down during the coming years, then a good option might be purchasing multiple smaller compressors as opposed to purchasing one large one. This way you are maximizing your energy efficiency in the short term, but you have capacity to cope with fluctuations in demand down the road. The ongoing need to balance the initial purchase cost and the energy-efficiency payback are also in play when you look at this equation.

Like most things compressed air, the answer cannot come in the form of pen and paper. A thorough evaluation of your process with a qualified expert is the only way to ensure you size a system that is right for you – for both today and tomorrow.

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