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The Harvard Business Review wrote in 2012,"It's a common misperception that responsible or sustainable investments are all in the hug yourself, warm feeling, good intention category, the inevitable consequence of which is diminished investment return – Nothing could be further from the truth."

The article went on to report that companies that use less energy and water and create less waste in generating a unit of revenue tend to produce higher investment returns than their less resource-efficient rivals.

There are multiple examples of activities and technologies which can make your plant more sustainable: leak detection, heat recovery, control systems, and variable speed drives, to name just a few. It's not just about the energy savings. Can you believe it is possible to achieve energy cost savings of over $30,000 and to reduce CO2 output by about 269 metric tons with a 200 horsepower air compressor? That's roughly the equivalent to the mass of four city buses.

Just imagine the difference you could make to both your energy costs and to the environment. It is much easier than you might think!

In summary: sustainability is good for business, good for our planet, and vital to the well-being of future generations, both economically and socially.

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