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Variable Speed Drive Compressors

What's new in compressed air? This is often the thing we are asked the most, at trade shows, on forum panels, and via web sources such as LinkedIn. Whenever variable speed drive is mentioned, people give you the same old look and then the words come out, "They have been around for ages...". And it's true, they have.

But there are two obvious parallels to draw when it comes to variable speed drive compressors:

1) In some ways, they are to the American Industry what energy efficient light-bulbs are to the home: everyone just assumes they have them and they are saving energy. Statistics indicate that up to 65% of American homes do not have them installed; but every home would get the additional expenditure costs back in energy savings. While VSD drives are not suitable for all applications, perhaps 7 out of 10 applications could benefit from this technology, and maybe only 3 out of these 7 applications actually has one. Maybe 50% of the candidates for VSD compressors in US manufacturing are still deciding if they should adopt this technology.

2) The second parallel is to cars. It's true the Ford Focus has been around for years, but the current model looks and performs very differently to the model made only 5 years ago. The base technologies used are still the same – but they are constantly improved. It's the same with VSD compressors. Maybe the model has been around for 15 years, but the performance gets better and better. That is why, if you have a VSD machine today, you should still always be open to looking at the latest technologies.

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