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Trust But Verify- Use CAGI's Performance Verification Datasheets to Compare Rotary Compressor and Refrigerated Dryer Performance

CAGI's Performance Verification Program is a third-party testing program that validates manufacturers' claims of rotary compressor and refrigerated dryer performance. The program provides you with reliable and verified performance data for rotary air compressors (5-200HP) and refrigerated air dryers (50-1000 scfm).

Always look for the CAGI Performance Verification label to ensure that a manufacturer's performance data is accurate and is verified by a third party using industry standards.

Why It's Important

The most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy. Over the lifespan of a typical compressor or dryer, energy typically costs several times more than the purchase price of the compressor.

So, don't just look at the purchase price. Study the product's verified performance data found on CAGI Data Sheets from participating Rotary Compressor Manufacturers and Refrigerated Dryer Manufacturers.

Check out these Performance Verification Resources

Performance Verification Program Participants:

Click on the Program Participant's logo below to view their product data sheets. Be sure to look for the Performance Verification Program logo when you are purchasing a compressor or dryer.

Rotary Compressor Program Participants

Refrigerated Dryer Program Participants