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Benefits: Environmental

Compressed air shouldn't cost the earth. It's no longer news that the growing emphasis on sustainability is leading the charge for increased efficiency in new technologies. When discussing utilities and energy use in manufacturing environments, which technologies best utilize the Big Three - water, electricity and natural gas - naturally monopolize the conversation.

However, overlooking compressed air best practices in this quest for the latest technology breakthroughs can have a grave effect on any facilities' overall efficiency, as estimates indicate that poorly designed and maintained compressed air systems in the United States account for up to $3.2 billion in wasted energy costs annually.

A thorough assessment of a facility's compressed air system will undoubtedly reveal many opportunities for reducing energy consumption, resulting in considerable energy savings and operating costs, without large capital expenditures.

And, why is reducing energy consumption by compressed air systems important? Both savings for the company and savings for future generations to come.

Annual Impact of each 1000 HP:

• 6,490,200 kWhrs Consumed
  –  >$522,000 @ $0.08/kWhr

• >1000 Metric Tons of Green House Gas Produced

• >135,000,000 gallons of cooling water Required

• 2,545,000 Btu's per hour Available
  –  >$267,000 @ $1.20 per therm

• >230,000 gallons of condensate Generated